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Founder of HDO
Establishing HDO Pakistan

Welcome To HDO Pakistan

Mr. Jamshed Ali Shah (Late) is a pioneer member and founder of HDO. It was established in November, 1977 and working in social and development sectors till to date. He was a very famous, social worker of Tehsil Kot Addu. He remained the member of Aman Committee with effect from 1997 to 2003. He raised up farmers issues through Kissan Bank of HDO especially for Patti Ghulam Ali to identify that consolidation issue which is the core issue of the said area and the community. He raised the issue up till higher authorities and decision making depth of provincial Government of Punjab and Federal Government of Pakistan.

He has good and very powerful relations with the stack holders of the area that MPA, MNA, Tehsil & District Nazims, Chairman Amman Committee and others.

He was died on 18, May 2008 (May God Bless his soul in heaven).

Our Services

Community Development Projects

Health / Wash / Nutition

HDO  is  trying  to  advocate  &  aware  off  the  community  towards  basic health  care,  WASH  ,  MNCH  Services, Nutrition, and precautionary 

Inclusive Education Policies

HDO is working to advocate the community to educate their Child with the SOLOGAN “NO CHILD REMAIN ILLITERATE”.

Peace & Interfaith Harmony

HDO’s CEO met with the SAJADA NASHEEN’s of different MAZARAT to discuss the ROLE OF DURGAH  to promote Peace and Interfaith Harmon 

Relief & Safe Charity Program

HDO has launched HDO Relief & Safe Charity Program 2020-21 for the MVG’s after proper identification and registration

Agriculture/Live Stock

HDO launched Plantation Activity as “HDO SUR SUBZ PAKISTAN COMPAIGN 2018-21” in Tehsil Kot Addu inconnection with climate change as an initiative 

Youth Leadership Training

HDO providing TRAININGS to Youth & encouraging them to be the part of local Government System  & for employment through HDO JOB HUNT 

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Asim Khan Designation

"Inclusive education policies improved local schools remarkably."

Fatima Riaz Designation

"Promoting peace and harmony is their greatest achievement."

Tariq Malik Designation

"Their relief programs have truly made a difference."

Sara Ahmed Designation

"Agricultural support increased our crop yield significantly."

Hassan Ali Designation

"Youth leadership training empowered many young individuals here."

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